Vehicle Demonstration Day – 30th April 2009

Mike woke this morning very excited but a little apprehensive and nervous.  

Excited because today was the day he got to see the proposed vehicle in all it’s glory, apprehensive because he hasn’t sat behind the wheel of a car since the day of his accident, and nervous because at quick glances of the same vehicle neither of us were completely convinced that there was going to be enough head room for him.

At lunch time the vehicle arrived, the automatic key fob was given to Mike and in a matter of minutes Mike was in the vehicle and behind the wheel.  There was plenty of head room which annulled any nervousness that the vehicle would be unsuitable and the excitement quickly overcame any apprehension about sitting behind a wheel.

The vehicle is a VW Caravelle Colorado, the supplying company (GM Coachwork) buys in the Caravelle model direct from VW and complete the basic adaptions (lowering the floor, installing the tracking for the removable seats, the ramp and other automatic features), they themselves have then named the adapted version the Colorado.  As such the demonstration vehicle had only these basic adaptations (stage 1) so  Mike was unable to test drive it, but we were aware that that would be the case.  

A quick assessment was made for the further adaptions that Mike would require.  The obvious one being hand controls, but also items such as an ignition button, controls for the automatic wing mirrors and windows and a larger key fob to ease the control of the ramp and the automatic sliding doors.  There is also the necessity for a lock down clamp which is fitted to the floor of the van, a locking device is also attached to Mikes wheelchair and when he drives over the device it automatically locks securing Mike safely in the vehicle.   A more extensive assessment of need for these more specific adaptations (stage 2) will be carried out in May.

Both of the front seats are removable in both of the above options so Mike also has the option of being a front seat passenger, which will be novel seeing as he is usually sat behind me!  Although he has 14 years of my chauffeur service (and sober evenings) to make up for before that happens!!

Written by Stefanie Dring



Check out that grin!

Check out that grin!



One Response to “Vehicle Demonstration Day – 30th April 2009”

  1. Chris Says:

    I’m sure we could have you selling ice creams out of that in the summer!

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