The Test Drive!

It was the morning on Friday 29th January and we started our journey to the Westpoint Centre in Exeter.  It was a quiet journey, a result of a mix of excitement and anxiousness.

Why?  Because today Mike was going to sit behind the wheel of a vehicle and drive for the first time since his accident in 1996.

The Westpoint Centre has a fantastic and realistic driving course, with traffic lights, speed bumps and a round-a-bout and was absolutely ideal for this test drive.

On arrival Mike took position behind the wheel, the demonstrator sat in the passenger seat  and explained the controls, whilst got in the back determined to be there for Mike for his maiden voyage.

We pulled away slow and steady and in no time Mike was driving around with no problem at all, the very best part of the whole experience for me was getting in the passenger seat next to Mike it was just so ….. well……normal!

Mike was absolutely joyous as I am sure you can see from the photos, and the journey home was very different!!


One Response to “The Test Drive!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Lovely inspiring pictures x

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