Sky Dive – 10th April 2009

Friday 10th April 2009

The early morning call indicated that the sky dive would go ahead, despite the forecast of a of day rain.

Damian, Paul, Joe and Alan the sky divers and their families, friends and supporters made their way apprehensively to Redland Airfield in Wansborough, Swindon.  

By the 12pm arrival the weather forecast was looking to prove to be correct, it was grey and raining, but there was still an air of optimism.  The four very nervous looking divers made their way into the training centre to receive their training and brief. Whilst we, the supporters sat in vehicles in the rain with sandwiches and hope.

The divers re-emerged an hour later , still looking nervous, the plan, quite simply was to sit it out and see what the weather would do.  It did seem to be brightening up, but would it brighten up enough?

The answer quite simply was no.  The showers remained persistent and at 3pm, the jump was called off, a bitter disappointment for all.

The jump has been re-scheduled for Sunday morning – fingers crossed everybody.

The wind and rain puts pay to sky dive

The wind and rain puts pay to sky dive

Sunday 12th April 2009

So an early start for everybody this morning to head back to Swindon for attempt two.

Weather looked promising but just as everybody arrived, so did the showers. An hour and half later jump two was declared off and we all headed back to Bristol – and sun!

So hopefully next Saturday morning (an even earlier start) it will be third time lucky!

Will this leave the ground on Saturday?

Will this leave the ground on Saturday?

Saturday 18th April 2009

A very early start today, the jumpers had to be at the airfield, in swindon for 8.30am.

On arrival the weather was much the same as it had been the weekend before, but there was an optimism, for whatever reason that today would be the day.

The morning again came and went along with patches of blue sky. And then at 1.30pm the instructor gave orders to take a last nervous wee! Within half an hour the jumpers were called up upon to get kitted up and very attractive they looked too.

Paul and Damian

Paul and Damian

Joe and Alan

Joe and Alan

The mood all morning had been very jovial and everybody was really looking forward to getting the go ahead, all the waiting around, t would seem had made everybody hungry to complete the challenge, but during the kitting up and walk to the plane we think we could sense some nervous apprehension.

The Walk to Death (as Damian put it)!

The Walk to Death (as Damian put it)!

But within minutes they were on that plane and finally after the best part of 8 hours waiting for the moment we had take off.

We have take off

We have take off

The plane soon disappeared above the clouds, we could hear it but couldn’t see and and then ….




Safe landings were had by all, but everybody seemed to have differing experiences.

Without naming names –

“I think I might have passed out”
“I felt sick when the parachute opened but I enjoyed it and think I’d do it again”
“I’m going to be sick” (and was but then claimed to have loved every minute of it).
“I hated every minute of it and am never going to do it again”

Well a sterling effort chaps, and a great official start to the year of fund-raising.

Mike with the group of friends, kicking off the fund-raising

Mike with the group of friends, kicking off the fund-raising


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