Bristol 10k May 2010

Sunday morning was cold but dry for our super six taking part in the Bristol 10km run.

We were there early looking out at the start line for Sally, Paul & Rachel, Clare who was a nurse at Salisbury hospital while Mike was there and her friend Sara and Leigh.  Then we heard a shout of ‘Dringer’ and turned to see Jody sporting an impromptu hand sprayed Get Dring Mobile t-shirt.

A little bit of a surprise as, since saying he was up for doing it way back when had not mentioned it since, but now our super six was now our surprise seven!

It was a huge turn out generally and people hadn’t even started when the first of the elite runners, Kenyan Gordon Mugi crossed the finishing line in a little over 28 minutes setting a course record.

There was a great atmosphere as we waited not far from  the finishing line cheering the runners on for the last few metres and there were some great costumes amongst the runners including Teen Wolf who nearly made us miss our first finisher Jody.

Next up was Paul who ran past us shouting ‘this is easy’!  Bloody show off!

He was closely followed by partner Rachel but only ‘because he had to slow down for her’!

Having not seen Clare for 13 years and not knowing her friend at all made these spots a little bit more difficult but we knew their race numbers, we spotted Clare first sporting 6801.

Whilst looking out for 6802, Leigh came running past (despite being told she shouldn’t run due to injury).

Then came Sara, looking a little bemused, that her name was being shouted out!

That left Sally, who had forgotten her race number and chip but had clearly remembered the important things – sunglasses and thank fully a bra as she lifted her t-shirt as she ran past us!  That picture is currently with the censors but we hope to be able to post it soon!

A massive thanks to you all for taking part the officiall chip times were –

Jody 00:59:15

Paul 01:05:38

Rachel 01:05:44

Clare 01:11:01

Leigh 01:11:27

Sara 01:19:24

Sally – well if only she had remembered her chip, but at the end of the day it wasn’t about the times these fantastic people raised over £2,000 between them for Get Dring Mobile and hopefully had an enjoyable morning.  We certainly did and are extremely grateful and humbled once again that you all took the time out of your busy schedule’s and made the effort to help Get Dring Mobile.

Leigh says she’s doing the half marathon next, the closing date for that one is the 9th July peeps!!!

When asked how her training had gone Sally replied

“”I rather flippantly decided to sign up for the Bristol 10K this year, thinking it’s ages away I have loads of time.  Well that loads of time has diminished before my very eyes and with 2 weeks to go I find myself able to run about 2 3rds of it, although I have done the whole course once. Now what kept me going through that was thinking of the very person I am doing this for.  A man with the most amazing sense of humour and robust attitude to life that would put many able bodied people to shame.  Whilst sweating and panting profusely I was thinking how Mike would love to even be able to stand let alone have the ability to run a race!!  Well I was thinking those kind caring thoughts along with coming up with ideas for the rude daubings I will be defacing my ‘get Dring Mobile’ race T shirt with ;))  Of course I still have 2 weeks to go so I’ll squeeze some more in… eeerrrr um well at least thats what I am telling myself. One thing is for sure I will complete the course and raise as much money as I can for this very deserving ‘young (in the loosest possible term) man”


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