Onslaught Gig – Friday 13th August 10

Sally Parker went to school with Mike, having not seen each other since both leaving school the fund-raising campaign has re-united them and Sally has taken the ball and run with it.  Not only has she attended many of the events she has also arranged a dress down day in work and run the Bristol 10k and convinced her employers to match fund her sponsorship, raising over £2,000.  But she’s not stopping there, as a metal band promoter (see here venue932-043-1 for a recent interview with Sally in Venue), Sally has convinced the band Onslaught to do a gig at the Cavern Club on Friday, a percentage of the ticket money is to be donated to Get Dring Mobile and there will be collection buckets and an Onslaught merchandised auction.

Tickets sold out a long time ago for this very up close and personal performance so we are aren’t blogging this for sales, we really just want to take the opportunity to thank Sally for her massive efforts, Onslaught for fully embracing our cause and all those in the back ground who make such things possible.

Have a fantastic gig guys.


One Response to “Onslaught Gig – Friday 13th August 10”

  1. Sal Says:

    My pleasure…

    Also for my charity run my very kind employers have in fact doubled their matching with an additional £1000!!

    Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Thats the MASSIVE speaker system sorted then for Drings Brotherhood of Man collection!! xxxxx

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