Junior Art Competition 2009

After much deliberation the winners of the junior art competition have now been decided and informed and should also have received their prizes.

The winner of the age 4 to 6 category is Dylan Hutchinson, aged 6 with ‘A Fairy Spreading Her Magic For Mike To Get His Car’ pictured below.

The judges particularly liked this piece as it was very imaginative and the use of glitter for the fairy’s magic was very clever.

The winner of the age 7 to 9 category is Elodie Hill, aged 7 with ‘Trains and Cars’, pictured below.

The judges liked the use of the charcoal in this picture and Elodie was very brave using an A3 sheet of paper to draw on.

Well done to both of our winners.

There were no entries in the higher age categories, which was a shame, but thank you to all those who took the time to enter.

Here are some more of our favourite entries.

Lois Rawlings, 'Going For A Dog Ride'

Tia Manning, 'Getting About On The Farm'

Eloise Wright, 'Birds Flying'

Noah Tunnadine-Quinn, 'Untitled'

Archie Rawlings, 'Hot Air Balloons'


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